About Us


SAACI is the recognised umbrella body of the business events industry in Southern Africa. Since 1987 we have been dedicated to efficiency and professionalism in the industry. In fact, SAACI membership is a vital recognition of professionalism in practice.

SAACI Value Proposition

Our value proposition to our members is to grow the business events industry in Southern Africa. One of the methods in which we want to achieve this is by providing our members with a platform which will enable them to improve their skills and obtain relevant qualifications. By doing this we have the potential to enhance the professionalism of our members and our industry as a whole.

SAACI Academy

Staying true to our words and adding value to the lives of our members and industry; SAACI launched its online academy, SAACI Academy. The Academy will address the massive skills shortage and is the key to brilliance in performance of this sector. SAACI Academy has partnered with some of the best training institutions and industry bodies, local and international, to offer you courses that meet the official requirements set for academic excellence and curriculum.

The SAACI Academy can be accessed by SAACI members, any place, any time on any web-enabled device. SAACI members simply register as a member at the Academy, choose a monthly membership package suitable to his/her needs and get access to a wide variety of courses. Accredited and Premium courses are not included in the monthly membership, but paid for separately to the accredited training provider/institution. Discounted rates are exclusively available to SAACI Academy members.

The course curriculum will expand continuously to uplift and enhance our business events industry even further.