Public Relations

Learn effective public relations skills.

90 Min


Effective public relations skills are essential to so much of the success in private and public spheres. Public relations efforts address how we wish to present ourselves to others and how to deal with the perceptions of who others believe we are. Public relations tactics are useful for large international corporate projects, or something as personal as networking for your own career advancement.


  • Knowledgably discuss the origins, purpose, and methods of effective public relations;
  • Conduct related research and prepare a comprehensive public relations plan;
  • Craft a range of communications that serve target audiences in commercial and social campaigns;
  • Select suitable outlets and proper message format for media relations;
  • Apply ethical principles to effective public relations practice;
  • Develop messages using themes and images that connect with a multicultural audience in local and global campaigns; and
  • Identify resources for professional networking and job opportunities in public relations.

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