Small Business Management

Learn the fundamentals of sales.

90 Min


This course will introduce you to entrepreneurship and business planning. By way of introduction, the word entrepreneur originates from the French word entreprendre, meaning to undertake. Today, we define an entrepreneur as an owner or manager of a business enterprise who attempts to make profits by starting and growing his or her business. In earnest, entrepreneurs are a diverse group of risk-takers who share the same goal of cultivating ideas and developing them into viable business opportunities.


  • Analyze the entrepreneurial process through which business ideas are evaluated
  • Identify the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
  • Identify and describe strategies for supporting entrepreneurship
  • Distinguish between business ideas and opportunities
  • Explain how to write a formalized business plan, and perform this task
  • Explain how to write a marketing plan, and perform this task
  • Explain how to finance business ventures
  • Identify and describe teambuilding dynamics

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