SAACI Academy Vision and Mission


A professionalised, empowered and skilled Southern African business events industry.


Professionalise and empower the Southern African business events industry through training and education, by means of our online academy. The SAACI Academy is powered by a technologically advanced learning management system (LMS). SAACI Academy Members can conveniently access the LMS from any device, anywhere, anytime.

By 2016, 40% of SAACI members should be involved in a training programme.

50% of SAACI professional conference organisers should be certified by 2016.


  • Engage training partners to develop/adapt course material.
  • Identify stakeholders.
  • Form a professional body.
  • Identify industry needs.
  • Engage with CIC about CMP.
  • Engage with MPI about CMM.
  • Negotiate with training partners for special prices and commission to SAACI.
  • Identify courses that can be provided through webinars and owned by SAACI to be charged as another source of income.
  • Agree on certification requirements.